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5 Nov 2014:

mono print of brass trivet in oil on paperI have been experimenting with drawing materials on paper rather than paint on linen, canvas and board and then applying japanese paper to the surface.

So far the lightest weight paper that is suitable for drawing without tearing is gampi. This disintegrates when I use a water based glue such as pva but a light spray of photomount seems to work well if I then use a broad soft brush, working from the centre outwards, to remove the air pockets.  

lithograph and ink drawing on somerset newsprint and gampi paper with watercolorAlthough gampi is virtually transparent allowing the underdrawing or print to show through, the slightly shiny surface of the gampi creates a subtle contrast in texture with the matt paper which I like.

The image on the right 'watercolour mallet and the magic coat' was created combining a lithograph on somerset newsprint with ink drawing as the base and then ink drawing on gampi paper applied with photomount. I used watercolour on the gampi and on the somerset. Although the watercolour soaks into the somerset paper, it seems to sit on the surface of the gampi allowing a density and vibrancy of colour which provides a useful contrast. 

The next step has been to experiment with different weights of japanese paper such as kozo and tosa washi. Both fix well to cartridge paper using photomount, whether or not I had printed a wood grain on them with oil based ink, using lithography or by hand. They also work well with watercolour. Here are two early examples

woodgrain print on japanese paper with ink and watercolor

woodgrain print with watercolor on kobo paper

and one more recent

lithograph and mixed media on somerset newsprint and gampi paper with watercolour


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